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I had no idea my 5 year old had a tongue tie until we noticed he was grinding his teeth at night. We got a referral for Dr. Villafane. His office was able to get us in quickly and start to answer all our questions. My 5 year old was comfortable with him during the tongue release procedure and he made sure to check on us afterwards. His sleep dramatically improved as well as his speech. Dr. Villafane and his staff have been nothing short of amazing!

Megan B.

My 7 week old had a tongue & lip tie and Dr. Villafane did her laser revision. She is now able to nurse with no problems! Dr. Villafane was great at answering my many questions, gentle, and quick during the procedure, and has even been following up to make sure she’s healing well. Definitely recommend Floss Family Dental!

Shelby Danielle

If you think something’s wrong, you’re likely right.

There are few things more stressful than a child who isn’t eating or sleeping. And few things are more upsetting than having your concerns dismissed by a professional who says there’s nothing wrong. At Lincoln Tongue-Tie Center, we don’t doubt a mother’s instinct.

If your child:

  • struggles to nurse or take a bottle
  • leaks milk from the mouth while eating
  • makes clicking or smacking sounds while eating
  • experiences frequent gas, fussiness, or disrupted sleep
  • shows colic or reflux symptoms
  • has lost weight or had difficulty gaining

…a tongue- or lip-tie may be the culprit.

We can help correct the problem.

With years of experience in diagnosing and treating oral restrictions, we take the time to listen to your child’s symptoms, which helps us to identify even the tricky cases that may have been missed by pediatricians or ENTs. Our quick, low-risk, low-pain laser procedure will completely remove the restricted tissue to provide oral mobility and help your little one experience the happy, healthy life we all want for our children.

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We’ll listen closely to your concerns, do an oral evaluation, and help you get clear answers about the root cause.

Step 3.

See remarkable

If a procedure is required, the release of one tiny string can make tremendous improvements in your child’s quality of life.

Nothing should limit our little ones from reaching their full potential.

Does my child have a tongue-tie?

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We had a wonderful experience with Dr. Villafane. My 8-week-old had her tongue- and lip-ties revised and it made a world of difference for her comfort levels and gave her the ability to nurse more efficiently. Dr. Villafane took the time to walk me through the process every step of the way. I felt very comfortable trusting him with my baby (and newborn moms probably know how hard it is to do that). He checked in with us multiple times after the procedure and was always willing to answer any questions I had. He was extremely caring, thorough, and kind. . .

Dani A.

The relief can be life-changing.

After the procedure, many children begin:

Eating smoothly

Babies often experience newfound ease in nursing and bottle-feeding, older children can eat without hindrance, and moms often experience less pain while breastfeeding.

We love seeing little tummies satisfied without a struggle.

Sleeping soundly

Gaining the ability to breathe through their noses allows babies and children to sleep much better, leading to improved moods and behavior.

When children sleep soundly, whole families benefit.

Speaking clearly

The procedure helps set young children up for success in forming their first words. Toddlers with delayed language development often start forming more words and increase vocabulary.

Being understood is a big confidence boost.

Don’t let such a tiny obstacle stand in the way.

Helping children reach their full potential is why we exist.